Training event on Zipline

Today, our event was on the server Zipline and started on The Dock. After 15 minutes, we changed rooms to the Iceberg. The Crew maxed 12 and had an average of 10. We also had perfect tactics, even though at the end a lot had to leave the event. Comment if you came!

9.png3.png675.pngScreen_Shot_2017-12-13_at_20.12.10.png8.png2.png -Delfi2000


Recruiting event on Sleet

Today, the Crew logged onto Sleet to recruit some penguins. We started in the Town, getting some recruits, before moving to the Mine and doing some nice tactics, lead by the 2ics. It was a successful recruiting event, maxing 12 and averaging 10. I want to thank all the new recruits for doing well in their first event! Read on for pictures.


comment if you came!!!



Codey strikes back at armies

Codey has spoken, he has said that he is changing the rules for armies, stopping them from raiding, spamming and recruiting. What I would now like to know is what you guys would do. Read below.


So, Codey has spoken his word, now a lot of people from the army community have given their concerns over several Discord chats. A lot of people now worry about the future of armies on CPR and the state it will be in, what’s your plan for now?

-Thomas83514, Leader of the Crew Army

Invasion Of Sleet – Result

Today the Crew logged in and raided Sleet, which is the start of building our empire, today we had really good tactics and we maxed 14, we stayed at the Stadium for the event after deciding it would be better than Snow Forts. It was a good event and read on for pics.

Recruiting event on Sleet

Today, the Crew logged onto Sleet to recruit some penguins. We started in the Town, where people were slow to log on, then we bombed the Stadium and did some tactics there. We maxed 10, averaging 8, and got some rogues.

pics v


Comment if you came!!! ;D

Christmas Chaos 2017: Hunt and Kill

Christmas is approaching and also for CPR armies, and the Club Penguin Rewritten Crew Army have teamed up with Penguin Press to deliver a tournament this year, Christmas Chaos of 2017. The hunt and kill will be for S/M armies who want to join, just leave a comment. Make sure to include these questions:

What is your army name?

Who is your army leader?

What is the armies site?

What is the armies chat?

What room would you like to pick? (You can only pick a room that isn’t picked yet)


This tournament is hosted by the CPR Crew Army, we will post more updates with the server we will use and other stuff closer to the time, the main reason for writing this is to get ready and give each army a starting room. The current managers are:


Ulysses Nardo


Things we need:

A judging system with no bias.

Graphics made a by a great GFX lord.


Information of the tournament:






3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CST

1:00 PM MST

12:00 PM PST

8:00 PM GMT


Available rooms: RED = TAKEN

1 – Ski Hill

2 – Ski Village

3 – Beach

4 – Dock

5 – Town

6 – Snow Forts

7 – Stadium

8 – Plaza

9 – Forest

10 – Cove

11 – Iceberg

12 – Mine (inside)

available rooms

We hope to see a comment, and we hope you try your best to win at this years Christmas Chaos tournament.

christmas chaos hunt and kill 2017 logo

Ideas for an event at 300,000 hits

Our blog stats are increasing, and I’d like some ideas from new troops or veterans about what kind of event, party or any kind of celebration we should have when we reach 300,000 views on the site. I’d be curious to know what you think so please leave a comment if you have an idea and we can discuss it in the Discord chat nearer the time.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 12.55.52.png