Fantastic recruiting on Blizzard

Today, the legendary crew logged on to Blizzard for a recruiting session. We started off really good in town and got many recruits joining in. Tactics could have been better in town but you always got to improve somehow. We then moved to the iceberg with 14+ penguins doing outstanding tactics. Finally, we moved to the mine and did tactics and formation perfectly until the end of the session. We maxed about 17 and averaged 15. Well done to everyone who attended if we continue to be as amazing as this, we will be the best cpr army! Comment if you came and scroll down for pics ❤


Recruiting on Sleet

Once again, the Crew did alright during the session. Formations stayed at a good level during most of the battle. Tactics weren’t as great since many people were not focused or awake. The crew maxed 11 and averaged 10. There are lots of things to improve on but it will be hard to make this army better than it already is. Scroll down for pics and comment down below if you came ❤

Training on Sleet

Today, the crew logged onto Sleet to do some training. We started off in the mine and did very good tactics. Our formation was quite good as well. A few people did not do bother to do the tactics for who knows what reason. We then moved to the town and bombed it when entering. Tactics weren’t as good but improved later on. We maxed 14 and averaged 10. Scroll down for pics and comment down below if you came ❤



Recruiting session on Sleet

Today on Sleet, the crew had an alright recruiting session but it could have been much better. We maxed 11 today. Our formation during the session was quite good in the mine and the town. Tactics were not the best but it improved later on. Scroll down for pics of the session and comment down below if you came!