Recruiting event on Sleet

Today, the Crew logged onto Sleet to recruit some penguins. We started in the Town, getting some recruits, before moving to the Mine and doing some nice tactics, lead by the 2ics. It was a successful recruiting event, maxing 12 and averaging 10. I want to thank all the new recruits for doing well in their first event! Read on for pictures.


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Invasion Of Sleet – Result

Today the Crew logged in and raided Sleet, which is the start of building our empire, today we had really good tactics and we maxed 14, we stayed at the Stadium for the event after deciding it would be better than Snow Forts. It was a good event and read on for pics.

Recruiting event on Sleet

Today, the Crew logged onto Sleet to recruit some penguins. We started in the Town, where people were slow to log on, then we bombed the Stadium and did some tactics there. We maxed 10, averaging 8, and got some rogues.

pics v


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Practice battle with Elite Guardians

Today, the Crew logged onto Marshmallow for a practice battle. We started in the Stadium, and did some tactics. Then we moved to the Iceberg, where the Elite Guardians showed up half way through the event. We fought for a little bit with the Elite Guardians before logging off. We maxed 10 and averaged eight, and our tactics have room for improvement. Remember to do the tactics, and if you are going to go afk, please leave the room; it’s better to do that than mess up tactics.

pics v




Training session on Zipline

Today, the Crew held a training session on Zipline, do improve our tactics. We started on the Iceberg to practise some tactics, with a definite improvement from the past few events. Then we moved to the Beacon and wrapped up the event. We maxed 11 and averaged 8-10, since we all kept disconnecting.

pics v





Unscheduled Training on Zipline

Today, the Crew logged onto Zipline to hold an unscheduled event. We started in the Plaza, where we did some good tactics. Later, we moved to the Ski Lodge, and got a recruit. Then, we moved to the Dojo courtyard and got yet another recruit. Finally, we went to the Snow Forts and wrapped up the event. We maxed 8 and averaged 6-7.

pics v



Recruiting session on Sleet

Today we held a recruiting session and it went not bad. We recruited just before the event and managed to get a few rogues to join in, as well as getting some recruits. We started in the Town, where we led tactics with rogues, before moving to the Mine, trying to recruit some people there, then wrapping up. We maxed 12, averaging 10.

pics v