This month, soldiers have been working incredibly hard to make this army a success. We came back and I congratulate every single troop in the army who came to an event, helped us recruit or even came to our site just to have a look around. It’s been a busy month setting up, recruiting and really trying our best. Every month I will announce a troop of the month – the troop in the army who has been the most helpful, dedicated and loyal. This month, the winner of Troop Of The Month is:


Well done DramaAlert67, you totally deserve it this month for your lasting effort to this army. You have won 10 medals and the other three troops who didn’t quite make it, they earned 5 medals. If you want to be next month’s troop of the month, you must work hard, be active, come to events and recruit. Comment on this post 🙂



5 Responses

  1. GJ! voted for you

  2. Cool


  4. um cool but give me my medals lol

  5. GG Drama Alert

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